Can a Solid-State Nuclear Fusion Reactor Be the Ultimate Green Energy Solution?

We all know that palladium (Pd) is an ideal materia l to study hydrogen storage kinetics  because its bulk hy dride properties are well characterized. Pd absorbs hydrogen gas up

to 900 times its volume. Furthermore, recent investigations have shown that the rate of hydrogen trapping inside Pd is even higher in the case of Pd nanoparticles. Hydrogen atomsare strongly trapped and stabilized in the lattice of Pd nanoparticles, compared to bulk Pd. The benefit of studying and modifying the surface of nanoparticle Pd and ot her large surface area nanoparticles can lead to better under standing of nuclear transmutation reactions in solids heavily loaded with H, D or both. The phenomenon is known as Low Energy¬†Nuclear Reactions (LENR). Read more…

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