The Earth is Flattened Oblate-Spheroid Spinning and Rotating on Helical Orbits

Our planet is not flat, not round and it is not even an oblate spheroid, but rather flattened oblate-spheroid. It is spinning and rotating on helical orbits. There are no observations from space or on the surface of the earth that do not support these fundamental facts. Current mainstream theory is wrong not only about the true shape of our planet, but also about the trajectories of its spinning and rotating orbits. The root cause for these serious and fundamental misconceptions is the current understanding of the force of gravity. In fact, I cannot think of a bigger problem in physics other than the current interpretation of gravity. The misunderstanding of gravity is the only cause that led to all the pseudo physics theories in all branches of physics. However, the force that makes our planet spins on its axis and the one that makes it rotates around the Sun is the magnetic force. The internal magnetic field is the cause for its spin and the external one is the cause for its rotation. How the Sun shines on the earth at different seasons, the cycle of the day and night and the different time zones can only be explained scientifically and rationally with flattened oblate-spheroid that spins and rotates on helical orbits. It is not the earth itself which is tilted but rather its orbit is inclined. The degree of the orbital inclination is determined by the intensity of the internal magnetic field and its interaction with the external one. Moreover, the helical rotation of the earth means that the distance to the Sun is shorter. In other words, the earth is nearer to the Sun than what the current theory claims. This fact is very obvious from the estimated current rotational speed. The earth does not travel around the Sun with 30 Km per second. The distance calculation is related to the so-called gravitational constant. It is worth mentioning that all the measurements in the last 40 years have shown the gravitational constant varying so much. Nevertheless, there are other phenomena and observed facts about our planet that cannot be explained with the current theory of gravity. For instance, why the earth spins with greater velocity at the equator compared to other latitudes? And how can the earth orbit the Sun without losing energy? The explanations given to these questions based on the current mainstream theory are complete nonsense. In addition to the above, the cause for the reversal of earth’s magnetic fields and the source of the core temperature which is hotter than the surface of the Sun are still mysteries under the current physics.
In reality, we are living on a magnetically flattened oblate-spheroid. It is an infinitely tiny part of the magnetic Helical Universe.

This is an abstract of a research paper which is currently being written

Jamal Shrair, founder of the Helical Universe

Light Velocity Varies Enormously Throughout The Universe

Light Velocity Varies Enormously Throughout The Universe


Although current physics considers special relativity just a theory, the basic principle of this theory, which states that the speed of light is constant and is a speed limit in nature is accepted as a fundamental physics law. In reality, however, the special theory of relativity (STR) with its basic principle is a physics myth. This myth was mathematically formulated with the help of distorted mathematical formulas and invalid assumptions. The theory substituted physics constants with dimensionless mathematical variables. Furthermore, the derivation of Lorentz transformations was performed based on the assumption that light velocity (c) is the same in all co-ordinate systems that are in relative motion, not on the assumption that it has the velocity c only in the co-ordinate system in which aether is supposedly at rest. This assumption should have been the outcome of the derivation, not the initial supposition of the derivation process.


Supermassive Black Hole At The Center Of Cosmology



In physical reality there are no black holes. Instead there are intense magnetic field regions that are formed whenever the field strength in plasma becomes much stronger compared with its surroundings. The most intense magnetic field regions are formed at the most dense regions of the Universe. These super-intense magnetic field regions are characterized by the formation of gaps -or more precisely circular gaps- that rotate at some regions with superluminal velocity. In other words, these circular gaps are open field lines formed in the most active regions on the surface of a dense plasma environment. It is a phenomenon structured and ruled by magnetism. It is similar to the formation of sunspots and coronal holes. Sunspots are magnetic phenomena as well. They are regions of very strong magnetic fields where the field lines get so crowded together that they push up through the surface, bringing some of the hot plasma with them in a spectacular arc, or loop. Basically, the strong magnetic field, not allowing motions across the field lines, quenches convection inside the spot. They are darker than the surrounding areas because they are expending less energy and as a result have a lower temperature. The spots formed on the surface of the Sun have also been seen on other stars.


The most Civilized and Intelligent Method to Extract Nuclear Energy

We all know that western society has reached the present stage of development and standard of living for two basic reasons:

1-The separation of church and science and the spread of science culture.
2-The free flow of ideas and thoughts, especially ideas that are based on experimental science.

However, even though the church is still independent from the affairs of public institutions, a new religious institute of the western society has emerged, replacing religious institutes of the middle ages and the time of Galileo. The basic principles that guide this new institute are money and political power. Sadly, this new religious institute is emerging at a time when our world is at crossroads and in a desperate need for the free movement of scientific ideas that can solve the most severe problems facing us today. Read more…

Developing an Efficient Low-Temperature Nuclear Fusion Reactor

There is an increasing empirical data supporting the evidence of different types of low temperature nuclear fusion reactions in condensed matter, mainly in metals. The mechanism of this phenomenon is similar to μ -catalysis. The rate of this reaction depends on the type of material and its environmental conditions. The rate can be increased enormously by having hybrid nano-structured material with high screening energy capability. The correlation between electron screening and low temperature nuclear fusion constitutes the most important notion in modern physics. Understanding this phenomenon would revolutionize physics and open up new frontiers in science and technology. Read more…

Advances in Nanotechnology Can Provide Clean Energy Resources and Sustainable Development

Advances in nanotechnology can provide clean energy resources and sustainable development The greatest threat and the biggest technical challenge facing the world in this century is how to provide clean, affordable energy supply, which is sustainable and universally available. The rate of growth in global energy demand runs the risk of outpacing affordable, stable supplies unless we can achieve breakthroughs not only in conservation and evolutionary improvements in terms of efficiency of existing resources, but also revolutionary new breakthroughs. Energy resources are vital to sustaining worldwide economic growth, progress, peace and global security in the 21st century. There is an urgent need for new technologies that can facilitate the development of cheaper, more efficient, and environmentally sound energy supplies. Read more…

Can a Solid-State Nuclear Fusion Reactor Be the Ultimate Green Energy Solution?

We all know that palladium (Pd) is an ideal materia l to study hydrogen storage kinetics  because its bulk hy dride properties are well characterized. Pd absorbs hydrogen gas up

to 900 times its volume. Furthermore, recent investigations have shown that the rate of hydrogen trapping inside Pd is even higher in the case of Pd nanoparticles. Hydrogen atomsare strongly trapped and stabilized in the lattice of Pd nanoparticles, compared to bulk Pd. The benefit of studying and modifying the surface of nanoparticle Pd and ot her large surface area nanoparticles can lead to better under standing of nuclear transmutation reactions in solids heavily loaded with H, D or both. The phenomenon is known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). Read more…