Light Velocity Varies Enormously Throughout The Universe

Light Velocity Varies Enormously Throughout The Universe


Although current physics considers special relativity just a theory, the basic principle of this theory, which states that the speed of light is constant and is a speed limit in nature is accepted as a fundamental physics law. In reality, however, the special theory of relativity (STR) with its basic principle is a physics myth. This myth was mathematically formulated with the help of distorted mathematical formulas and invalid assumptions. The theory substituted physics constants with dimensionless mathematical variables. Furthermore, the derivation of Lorentz transformations was performed based on the assumption that light velocity (c) is the same in all co-ordinate systems that are in relative motion, not on the assumption that it has the velocity c only in the co-ordinate system in which aether is supposedly at rest. This assumption should have been the outcome of the derivation, not the initial supposition of the derivation process.


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