An Open Letter to President Obama

Proposal to build a Reactor Based on Green Nuclear Energy


Deeply respected President Obama,

One of humanity’s most beautiful endowments is the ability to share with each other our inner thoughts and feelings through spoken word, writing, music and art. I would like to share with you the fruit of my scientific thoughts and by doing so I hope to pass a gift on to all humankind.

The need for power and energy is a clear and present goal for every nation. Many people spend a lifetime refining ways in which to harness the vastly available energy that is present in our universe. The past six decades in particular, have born witness to an incredible focus on nuclear fusion. The scientific community has postulated how the sun creates its energy through thermonuclear reactions and concentrated on reproducing a scaled-down version on earth.

There are two very important things to keep in mind when searching for answers:

1)     Every question has a finite and absolute answer: 1 + 1 = 2. Always!

2)     We can claim to fully understand something only when we can infinitely predict the             correct answer to any question on that subject: we can correctly add any two real               numbers. Always!

We currently do not have the certainty of 1) and 2) in our understanding of our star. Despite the efforts of tens of thousands of scientists and over 60 years of research, we are no closer to a “fusion reactor” than we were when we built the pyramids. No nation or research group has been able to demonstrate any sort of energy device based on the current concept, let alone a stable and efficient one. According to my understanding, if they continue using the current standard solar model this goal will never be achieved. As the joke goes fusion is the power of the future – and always will be. The scientific community is adamantly following a false path purely because of the number of people working in this field and a “Galilean fear” of upsetting the standard model as a whole.

I am a theoretical physicist, originally from Libya, now living and doing my research in Budapest, Hungary. I also have an electrical engineering degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. Throughout my education and research career it has been very apparent to me that “there is something fundamentally wrong with our current knowledge of physics”. However, I superficially accepted many physics theories in order to pass my academic exams. There are a number of anomalies which cannot be explained by our current theories and formulas, yet we have observational data to prove that our universe is working differently than most of our current laws.

In April of this year I published a book on Amazon called Helical Universe, in which I propose a new, unifying theory that provides logical explanations to a number of open questions in physics – the theory can be expanded further to explain how to create the energy produced by the sun.

Naturally, when a new theory is presented, experts split into two groups: support and opposition. I am prepared for both and I have already encountered representatives from each group. To back my theory I do have a number of observational and experimental data, which are all included in my book; most interestingly some recent evidence from the Voyager 1 spacecraft! Voyager was launched over 30 years ago and scientists used their understanding of physics to predict what Voyager will find at the edge of our solar system, specifically how cosmic rays would behave. This critical moment has now passed, leaving experts baffled by the findings, which you can read about online. Here is one such article:

It is by mere fortune that my book was published before the release of this information from NASA and this is how I can prove that my understanding of our universe has – at the very least – a more solid foundation than the currently accepted theories of physics. In my book I very specifically outlined what would be found at the edge of our solar system and more importantly: why?!

In short: the region surrounding the sun has an intense magnetic field that increases in strength as distance from the sun increases. The current theory states that the magnetic field at the edge of our solar system is weak, but of course this is not true since the magnetic field is continuous and increases in intensity toward the interstellar medium. Additionally, I explained in my book that cosmic rays depend on the intensity of magnetic fields: they originate in dense regions that are characterized by an intense magnetic field. Voyager 1 has detected that the magnetic field intensity doubles in the stagnation region and there is also an increase in cosmic rays. These findings all support my theory and at the same time increase the validity of my reactor model.

So why am I writing to you?

I do not have the resources of a nation nor the lifetime of generations – I only have what is remaining of my own life and I want to use it to share my knowledge with others, so that we may be able to advance on the right path toward clean and abundant energy production.

Mr. President, since the beginning of the nuclear age and until now, it is believed that extracting nuclear energy is only possible from radioactive elements with hazardous waste that remains for thousands of years. Given the necessary conditions, a fusion reaction is possible with almost all of the elements of the periodic table! In addition, it is not necessary to use brute force to fuse nuclei when the necessary environmental conditions exist. The sun is a very big example but our self-delusion is the one to blame.

I realize this letter will pass through a rigorous filtering process before it ever reaches you. It only serves to please me to have more people read about the possibility of a new energy source. As for specifics, I think it is understandable that the exact details are beyond the scope of one letter.

I am in the process of searching for an energy firm or any respected scientific institute to test my reactor model. Sponsorship is important because I know that as a single person I cannot negotiate with, or compete against, corporations who may want to lay claim to this new source of energy. Naturally, there is also the issue of financing. Most well-equipped university physics labs already have the equipment necessary to build a small-scale energy device and validate my concept. A working model can be built and tested for a fraction of what is currently being “wasted” on research for thermonuclear reactions or at CERN in Switzerland. I can provide the scientific background and ample sources of research to support my model of the sun – there are many examples, in addition to Voyager’s findings, which can testify to the theory’s validity.

 I would like to have my theory proven in a reputable environment with moral and financial support. The mechanism of the reactor can be reviewed and discussed to the satisfaction of any and all who are interested, before a single penny is spent. I want to share these energy benefits with the world and my only request is to retain the intellectual and financial rights to my life’s work.

 Thank you, Mr. President, for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my letter. I hope that this short introduction has sparked the necessary interest for you to inquire further. I humbly and anxiously await your reply.

Regards from your supporter,

Jamal S. Shrair

Budapest, Hungary